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VS. Lavarus by Cyvothehedgehog216
VS. Lavarus
No scanner yayyyyyyy......

Just a quick thing I decided to draw. When Lav gets mad, he starts leaking.

There ya go, if you want to enter.
Lavarus Bio for DaFight by Cyvothehedgehog216
Lavarus Bio for DaFight
Info and such:

Name: Lavarus
Age: ??? Years. (The Infinite Expanse has no concept of time, though around 102 years is a safe bet)
Species: Fluid-Creature/Scarecrow

The one on the left is Lavarus' normal form, while the one on the right is how he appeared in the Infinite Expanse


The Infinite Expanse is a desolate place, completely devoid of any plants or any sort of life. It's just an infinite grey and sandy floor, with an infinite grey and cloudy sky to go with it. No life could ever possibly survive here. Well, except for maybe two things. The beings that dwell on this plane call themselves the Infinite Council, and their origin of being is shrouded in mystery. They look almost exactly like crows, except for one thing. Instead of feathers and skin, they seem to be completely made of a thick, black fluid of some kind, almost like a gel. They rule over this infinite nothingness, simply sitting and observing for eternity.

Now, ordinarily, the story would end here, but on a particular day (or night. The Infinite Expanse has no concept of time.) A crystal was found by the council, who spent a very long amount of time discussing what to do with it. One of them had an idea. Even in this infinite plane of existence, death was an assurance, and some members of the council would dissolve into black fluid at random moments. The council had been collecting this fluid into a very small area known as The Waste. The idea was simply to drop the crystal into the waste, seeing as it had no discernible use. The council agreed, and they immediately dropped the crystal into The Waste.

At this point, the fluid reacted violently at first, but little by little, it began to calm and finally, it took the crystal within itself. What happened next astounded the council. The fluid began to construct itself into a large, monstrous, yet slightly humanoid, shape. It's body was made of the fluid from deceased council members, and it possessed large claws, with a very large smile of sharp teeth, with the crystal embedded in its forehead. It began to attack the council, but just as soon as it did, it collapsed into a pile of fluid again, yet it still maintained control. The council was stupefied, they had never seen a creature like this. The creature became less hostile over time, and actually became curious of the council. The council began teaching the creature, but realized that they had nothing to teach, seeing as the world consisted of nothing but sand and clouds. That's when the portal opened.

Only one member of the council was allowed to use the portal at a time, and they were instructed to not touch anything, only observe. Over time, they began to learn the customs of the “real world” and relayed them back to both the council, as well as the creature. This continued for some time until a decision was made. The creature would go into the world and act as sort of an agent for the Infinite Council. But wait, none of the beings they observed had ever looked like this creature, how could they expect him to be an agent? This question lingered until one moment, when a council member reported a scarecrow for the first time.

The plan was simply to have the creature possess the scarecrow, observe activity, and over time begin to interact with the denizens. The issue is, the creature, now named Lavarus, would forget almost everything about the Infinite Expanse, which was finally decided as an acceptable loss. Lavarus did not forget, however, and he simply lets the Infinite Council crows think he has forgotten.

General Combat Info:

Possesses a sewing needle which can transform into a spear

Can also form a scythe using the fluid in his body

Prefers dark magic, as the fluid in his body seems to favor it

Happy new year everyone! Sorry about the lack of stuff. I'll try to get more on here once I stop sucking at digital stuff.


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