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WH: Daisy Delight by Cyvothehedgehog216
WH: Daisy Delight
Name: Daisy Delight
Nicknames: Snowman, snowlady, Freak
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 4"
Occupation: Petty criminal, thief
Total coins: 7

Class: Guide
Main Weapon: Crowbar
Hunter partner: None


Cold | Calculating | Aggressive | Logical (Though her logic doesn't always make sense to people) | Relentless | Efficient
Daisy isn't exactly an easy person to get along with, as she often has little care for anything other than the task at hand. She is aware that hunters are supposed to keep dark witches alive, and so uses a weapon that will definitely hurt them, but only be lethal if absolutely necessary. She is rather aggressive in tone, and often finds herself getting into disagreements with other guides on how her job is supposed to be done. When it comes to the actual task, however, she is highly calculative and coldly logical, to the point where any emotional attachment to the job is thrown out the window. She always tries to find the quickest and most efficient way to get a job done, even if it means sacrificing a team member or two.

Daisy was born into a poor family from the beginning, and was taught the ways of thievery and petty crime very early in her life. Eventually, she became very good at it and was often hired to break into places, as that had always been her specialty. Her mother and father died when she was 16, so after that point, she found herself often fending for herself against bullies and other criminals who weren't exactly very fond of her. One particular encounter had a fight with a particularly nasty dark witch, which left a rather large scar across the left side of her face (Which isn't well represented because I can't draw scars OTL).

Her scar made her feel hideous, and she often only let herself be involved in tasks that didn't require interaction with others. On the occasion where she did need interaction, however, she donned a snowman-like mask, often to the confusion and somewhat disturbance of her teammates. With the mask came a new personality to match. Cold, calculating, but most importantly, efficient. She also stopped taking shit from people and when someone tried to stray from a plan, they often found themselves waking up in a dumpster the next day with no recollection of the previous night's events. When it comes to dealing with dark witches, she is relentlessly pursuant, often not stopping until the proper justice has been served in one way or the other.

Extra Information:

- She's excellent at picking locks and otherwise getting into places.

- She almost never takes off her mask. Doing so without permission may result in many injuries and waking up 10 feet under.

- She has a slight New Yorker accent.

- Favorite food items are snowcones
Guess Who? by Cyvothehedgehog216
Guess Who?
Have a skitchity sketch of a Nigma. Stay tuned for other ancient-ass characters of mine getting re-sketched.
Mr. Infinity by Cyvothehedgehog216
Mr. Infinity

Full Name: Midas Infinity

Pronunciation: MAI-DAS IN-FIN-IT-EE

Gender: Male

Orientation: ???

Age: ??? (The Crows claim to have been born at the dawn of time. This is unlikely, however.)

Species: Crow/Expanse crow


Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Grey

Appearance: Hunched back. Long, protruding nose, similar to a beak. Large top hat and grey suit. Also uses a cane. Appears to be made of a shiny black substance.

Height: 6'0"/182.88cm

Weight: 90lbs/40.82kg

Birthday: ???

Astrological Sign: ???

Zodiac Sign: ???



History:  Mr. Infinity is a special Crow. He was the one who originally proposed the idea to send the Life Crystal into the Waste, thereby creating Lavarus. He is also the one who decided to try and create a patchwork world from other worlds, with which the Crows could have territory to rule over. Out of the crow council, he is the one most accomplished in magic, being able to create powerful illusions, such as the semi-human one he has created for field work. He used to be the leader of the council until another crow named Krikka came bak from exile and usurped his position. Being taken down a peg, he has travelled to other dimensions trying to find some way to regain his former position of power.


| Eccentric | Arrogant | Calculating | Deceiving | Plotting | Physically weak |

Mr. Infinity thinks very highly of himself, and indeed, the Crow species in general. His purpose seems to be stealing landmarks in order to populate the Expanse, however, he may have another hidden objective. He very rarely engages in combat, however, he can be a very dangerous opponent, being highly skilled in magic and extremely cunning. Any friend he makes will usually find themselves getting betrayed later, once he's bored with them, or they've served their purpose. He is incredibly physically weak, however.



Wardrobe: A dark grey suit. Top hat with a mobius strip attached. A belt. A cane that has an orb on the top. Purple clouds swarm within. Bandages to cover up the rest of his torso.


Equipment: A cane used as a focus for magic. Top hat can also be used in certain magical tricks.


Trinkets: None


Element: Dark


Likes: Assimilating worlds into the Expanse, Crows, Classical music, practicing magic


Dislikes: Any other life, Lavarus, Misha, Waste Divers.


Strengths: Mastery of dark magic, as well as other unknown types of magic. Highly cunning and ruthless in combat.


Weaknesses: Sound-based attacks disrupt his body. Ice is very good at freezing him. His body is not at all physically strong.


Flaws: He is hopelessly arrogant, not being able to see value in anything that doesn't serve his purposes. Attitude often sets him at odds with people. Does not understand a lot of concepts behind the real world.


Soft Spot: Birds.



-Ooze body: Like Lavarus

-Dark Magic mastery: Highly accomplished magic user, being able to perform feats other magicians would have trouble with.


-Peripheral evasion: Has the ability to "hide" in an opponent's peripheral vision, making him very hard to target. To outsiders, He does not move at all.



-His ooze body can only do so much, and there is a limited amount of it.

-Portal-Making takes a very long time to perform, and often is only completed with an hour uninterrupted.

-Peripheral evasion leaves him open to outside attacks


Immunities: Dark Energy gets absorbed into his body.


Alternate Forms: Crow body


Extra Anatomy(Tails, wings, etc.):Wings when the illusion begins to wear off.


Languages: English



-Misha: Finds her to be an annoyance that could have been prevented.

-Crows: Allies.

-Waste Divers: Animals that need to be contained and slaughtered.

-Lavarus: He finds Lavarus to be his biggest mistake, as she's proven to be more trouble than she's worth. Getting rid of her is one of his priorities, however, the council believes Lavarus can be controlled.

Happy new year everyone! Sorry about the lack of stuff. I'll try to get more on here once I stop sucking at digital stuff.

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