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DaFight/RPVoid- Lavarus by Cyvothehedgehog216
DaFight/RPVoid- Lavarus

Full Name: Lavarus

Pronunciation: LAH-VAH-RUS

Gender: Neither boy nor girl

Orientation: ???

Age: 112 (Zhe doesn't know)

Species: Fluid-Beast (Possessing a scarecrow)


Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous

Eye Color: Green (Normal), Red (Aggressive), Pink (Love/Blush), Yellow (Cautious)

Hair Color: None

Appearance: Standard scarecrow body. Zhe has two legs which end in spikes so zhe can disguise zherself as a scarecrow at any given moment. Eye changes colors depending on mood.

Height: 5'2"/157.48cm

Weight: 110lbs/49.8952kg

Birthday: ???

Astrological Sign: ???

Zodiac Sign: ???



History:  cyvothehedgehog216.deviantart.…


| Eccentric | Friendly | Calculating | Confused | Lack of Loyalty |

Lavarus is an intersting being. Zhe has very odd habits and knows some things about 'fleshling' culture, but is completely baffled by other aspects. Zhe is quick to try and make friends with people, if only to use them later. The Crows constantly keep zher under tabs, and zhe is confused as to what side of a conflict zhe's really on, sometimes fighting the crows, other times allying with them.



Wardrobe: A ripped-up cloak. Large arrow pierces zher head.


Equipment: A single Life Crystal. A sewing needle that can transform into a large spear. A bag of various sewing items, and an extra Life Crystal.


Trinkets: None


Element: Dark


Likes: Friends, assimilating worlds into the Expanse, Crows, disguising zherself as a scarecrow, scaring people


Dislikes: Crows, being a scarecrow, rude people, the idea of toilets


Strengths: Zher body is very flexible. Most don't expect zher to be able to fight at long range, however, the ooze body inside the scarecrow allows zher to take on foes at long-range, while zher spear allows zher to take on foes at close range. Excellent dark magic user.


Weaknesses: Sound-based attacks disrupt zher ooze body. Fire burns down zher body, as well as lightning. Ice is very good at freezing zher. Basically, almost any elemental attack is effective when fighting Lavarus.


Flaws: Zhe does not understand most fleshling conventions. Also, zher loyalty to the crows switches very often, meaning one day zhe could be best buds with you, and the next day trying to kill you because the crows told zher to. All of zher actions usually have ulterior motives, making zher trustworthiness questionable.


Soft Spot: Dogs. Cats. Small fluffy creatures.



-Ooze body: Zher real body actually resides within the scarecrow body, and is a very malleable and formable ooze known as Waste Fluid. Zhe can use this ooze to do a very high number of things.

-Sewing Needle spear: Zhe has a spear that zhe can disguise as a sewing needle.

-Portal-Making: Lavarus has the ability to make portals between one world back to the Expanse. These can range from personal travel to taking entire areas and placing them in the Expanse.



-Zher ooze body can only do so much, and there is a limited amount of it.

-Portal-Making takes a very long time for Lavarus to perform, and often is only completed with an hour uninterrupted.


Immunities: Dark Energy gets absorbed into zher body.


Alternate Forms: Ooze body. It is highly unstable, so it is not used very often.


Extra Anatomy(Tails, wings, etc.): None


Languages: English



-Misha: Rivalry. Zhe attempted to teleport her village into the expanse, however, zhe ended up destroying it and trapping Misha in the Expanse.

-Crows: On/Off allies. The Crows often manipulate Lavarus into doing their bidding, which is often for some nefarious purpose.

-Waste Divers: Lavarus is sympathetic towards the Waste Divers, however, zhe recognizes their threat

-Crystal, Axel, Chad, Sayla, Ardghar, almost everyone from the Firefly Pub: Zhe considers them close friends, and are some of the few people who zhe would never consider betraying. At least deliberately, and until zhe finds some plan that hinders this friendship.

RPVoid- Wanderer Misha by Cyvothehedgehog216
RPVoid- Wanderer Misha

Full Name: Misha Strovanosky

Pronunciation: M-EE-SH-A ST-RO-VA-NOH-SKEE

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

Age: 26

Species: Titanian (Giant/Human Hybrid)


Preferred Hand: Right Handed

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Appearance: She is very tall, with a muscular build. She has two mechanical arms each containing a Life Crystal from the Expanse. There are large black veins protruding from these crystals that wrap around her arms. She has a set of claw scars on one of her shoulders after a fairly nasty encounter with a Tunneler.

Height: 7’2’’/218.44cm

Weight: 200lbs/90.7185kg

Birthday: 26th of Tragis (26th of October)

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Zodiac Sign: ???



History: Misha was ripped from her homeworld of Titania when a portal to the Expanse opened in her home village, inevitably destroying it and stranding her in the Expanse. She has wandered for a countless amount of years, though she oddly seems to be able to keep track of them. This has done a toll on her mind, however, and she has become highly reclusive and aggressive, managing to be one of the few denizens of the Expanse who will actively seek and destroy crows. She has had quite a few run-ins with Lavarus, usually ending in a draw. It is unknown how she has been able to live this long in the Expanse, but it may have something to do with the Life Crystals attached to her arms, which were replaced on her homeworld after a small war broke out.


| Aggressive | Loyal | Violent | Fearless | Adventurous | Eccentric |

If you meet Misha, chances are she'll want to fight with you. She respects strength, so if you can beat her in a fight, she'll most likely come to want to befriend you, and with that, she will never try to break that friendship. She is not afraid to go to new places or try new things. She is not merciful to those who would break some sort of contract or bond, and she holds grudges that can last forever. With all this said, when she knows you, she will be much friendlier, almost to the point of being slightly overbearing.



Wardrobe: A ripped-up jacket from her homeworld, as well as a collar. Ripped jeans with patches of fabric sewn onto them to cover any rips or tears. A belt with a large skull on it that looks eerily like the one on Lavarus' arrow. She wears large boots made to hike in all terrains.


Equipment: Two Life Crystals, the exact abilities of which are unknown, though most Expanse creatures have only one crystal. Two piledriver arms, which she can use to punch at VERY high speeds, often reducing large boulders to rubble in a matter of seconds. The hands can also shoot out to use as long-range attacks or as grappling hooks.


Trinkets: None


Element: None


Likes: Spars, warmth, other Titanians, breaking things, friends, Shiners


Dislikes: CROWS, Lavarus, rude people, tunnelers, Waste Divers, scumbags, all around villainous types


Strengths: Peak physical condition. Her mechanical arms grant her a wide range of ways to clobber people at close range, and her size makes it hard for people to knock her down. Her Life Crystals also grant her a massive amount of longevity and stamina, allowing her to fight for a long period of time.


Weaknesses: Sound-based attacks are not used very often around the Expanse, so those can really cause her a massive headache. Long-range attacks and magic are also very hard for her to get around, though energy-based attacks can be absorbed by her Life Crystals to a certain degree. Long-range weapons.


Flaws: She is angry most of the time, causing her capabilities of rational thought to be very limited. She is almost cripplingly untrustworthy of strangers, as she is aware that most things in the Expanse are out to kill her. Her fighting style is not careful at all, rather, it is based on brute force and raw strength, making openings appear often.


Soft Spot: Insects and large animals



-Mechanical Arms: As mentioned above, her arms make her a very powerful fighter in terms of strength. The hands can shoot out to make grappling hooks or to grab things from a long range. There are pistons built into the hands that allow her to pull off extremely rapid punches for a short time.

-2 Life Crystals: Despite not using them properly, she is the only known person in the Expanse to have two life crystals. They allow her an extreme amount of stamina and endurance, to the point where she can go weeks without food or water, yet stay in fighting condition.

-Titanian growth ability: She can temporarily increase her size to about 12 Feet when under extreme stress or anger. This allows her more endurance and strength.



-Her mechanical arms can overheat after long enough bouts, and her grappling hands only extend to about 15 feet. Using the piledriver ability often jams her hands, making her unable to use them properly until repairs are made.

-Her growth ability takes a lot out of her, so after using it, she is often very tired and exhausted

-The exact details of the Life Crystals are unknown, however, they can be broken.


Immunities: None, though she has honed her body to withstand more physical attacks than the average person.


Alternate Forms: None


Extra Anatomy(Tails, wings, etc.): None


Languages: English, Titanian (Which sounds eerily like Russian)



-Lavarus: Rivalry. She hates the crows, and as an extension, anyone who dares work with them.

-Crows, Waste Divers, etc.: Any predator of the Expanse is her enemy. The tunnelers have attacked her previously, so she has held a grudge against them. She has no issues with the Shiners.

Thanks to :iconnewbzrv: for showing me this template!

Blah blah blah character stuff. And yes, I fucked up on the legs. Deal with it.

Expanse Bestiary- Waste Divers by Cyvothehedgehog216
Expanse Bestiary- Waste Divers
The Waste Divers are creatures who live in The Waste of the Expanse- an area where Crows go after their bodies decompose into waste fluid. They are most similar in body composition to Lavarus, however, they only possess average intelligence and are highly aggressive, often attacking the Crows without any provocation. 

They are essentially people pulled into the Expanse from different dimensions who have been corrupted by the fluid that makes up The Waste. It is believed that there is a loose portal somewhere in The Waste that pulls unsuspecting beings from their dimensions directly into the Waste. The Crows have not confirmed this, however. They come in male and female varieties, both behave almost the same way.
Expanse Bestiary- Crows by Cyvothehedgehog216
Expanse Bestiary- Crows
The Crows settle themselves on the top disk of the Infinite Expanse. Think of the Expanse as an infinitely expanding cylinder. They are manipulative, cowardly, annoying, but also quite well-versed when it comes to dark magic and other such non-physical activity. No one, not even Lavarus, is aware of how the Crows came to be. They claim that they've existed since the dawn of time itself, always keeping a watch on every parallel dimension and universe out there. This is of course, nonsense, but no one has been able to present evidence to make a counter-argument.

Their abilities include:

-Being able to see for incredibly far distances, even for the most acute of vision, it is quite impressive.
-Can manipulate their bodies into different shapes and sizes. The substance they are made from is a black goo-like substance.
-An impressive command of dark magic, likely due to the Expanse's atmosphere.
-Ability to "hide" in someone's peripheral vision, making it very hard for an individual to target them.

Crow Hierarchy includes a King, a Queen, and a legion of "Observers." Their abilities are largely the same, though the King and Queen both possess special crowns. Artifacts dragged in from another dimension that enhance their abilities in general.

Any questions or anything else, feel free to note me! 
VS. Lavarus by Cyvothehedgehog216
VS. Lavarus
No scanner yayyyyyyy......

Just a quick thing I decided to draw. When Lav gets mad, he starts leaking.
Happy new year everyone! Sorry about the lack of stuff. I'll try to get more on here once I stop sucking at digital stuff.

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